Thank you for considering a donation to La Follia!  It's easy and ever so appreciated.

Bach had Prince Leopold.  Haydn had Prince Nikolaus Esterházy. Rameau had La Pouplinière.  Without the discernment and generosity of these notable patrons, we could not enjoy the music of these masters today.  Joining these patrons are the legions of others who throughout history have valued the preservation and nurturing of art.

So it is that your gift, in a very real sense, makes the magic that is La Follia happen. It turns on the lights, pays for the music, advertising and programs, and offsets travel expenses.  But most importantly, it supports the gifted musicians who have dedicated their talent and invested in their instruments to perform music for us at the highest artistic level.

The "Art of making art" is in your hands.  Please help us.

La Follia Austin Baroque is a 501c3 organization recognized by the IRS.  Therefore all your donation is tax-deductible.  Make sure you provide us your address so that we can send you a letter acknowledging your gift for your tax filing purposes.

Donation amounts

You can donate in any amount.
We have set up these levels as a guide:
> Friend: up to $99
> Donor: $100-$249
> Benefactor: $250-$499
> Patron: $500-$999
> La Follian: $1000+


To donate online

La Follia uses Paypal to process online donations.  You can donate by credit card or through your Paypal account.  Just click the "Donate" button below and you will be taken to the Paypal site.


To donate by mail

Make your check payable to:
La Follia Austin Baroque

Mail to:
La Follia Austin Baroque
P.O. Box 29773
Austin, TX 78755


To donate in person

You can donate at any La Follia concert. The ticket desk can accept donations by check or credit card.